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Hepatitis b has come a long way to the worst phase to the good one

We all know of many diseases that are life threatening and can give us goosebumps even when though about them. Out of so many such diseases, hepatitis b is one that. Hepatitis b cure 2013 claims that though a major one, it can be treated easily.

It was hard to find hepatitis b medicine earlier now which has gotten possible. There are many smiling faces owing to the available treatment. There is a sigh of relief as death has been defeated by life. To know about hepatitis b, we should know of its family, to which it belongs, Hepadnaviridae. Hepatitis b information is miles apart from hepatitis A and hepatitis C.
We should be well aware of the fact that the virus can spread easily from one person to another either through sex, contact with blood that has been contaminated and also to a child from his or her mother. Hepatitis b cure is available which if started at the right time can help. In some of the developed countries mainly in the United States, more than 95% of infected people get cured of this disease. If the disease is a major one, a person is quite likely to fall prey to liver damage. When we talk about the hepatitis treatment, it involves vaccination at the right time in right order. People are very likely to be co infected with hepatitis c too.

If this happens, one can opt for hepatitis c drug which is available in the market too. Unlike the spread of hepatitis c is not through any sexual intercourse but due to contaminated equipment. If the co-infection is the situation, and it is found that one is the dominating one to make you fall sick, then the action should be taken for that medication. Suppose, hepatitis c is dominating, make sure you go for the hepatitis c medications. This will kill the dominating virus and hence you can get rid of the infection.

Now the question arises, how would you know what are you suffering from? The symptoms are faint and not too prominent. It is not so easy to find this out. Still, to avoid any complications in future, if you have the symptoms of fever, flu, fatigue, appetite loss, jaundice and pain in the body. Hepatitis c drug is available so you can get rid of the infection. It is very rare that you can identify the symptoms as they act slowly. People with great immunity can help themselves get out of this messy situation and recover. On the other hand people with less immunity are still in the same situation. They need instant help and be treated. There are different ranges of treatment and the hepatitis c treatment cost also varies. It depends on the severity of the infection. There is no denying the fact that hepatitis c sovaldi makes it possible to cure hepatitis c infection.

So it is recommended that don’t delay in the treatment. The sooner you start the treatment, the more positive result is expected. 

Healing Bacterial Infections with Zithromax 250

Zithromax 250 is basically an antibiotic which has been prescribed by doctors to treat bacterial infections in human bodies. Due to influence of bacteria, different kinds of infections can be caused to human bodies. For example, some of the common bacterial infections are ear infection, skin infection, respiratory system infection, sexually transmitted diseases and many more. For treatment of all these infections, Azithromycin which is the generic name of Zithromax 250mg has been suggested. This antibiotic is prescribed to adults, except those who have undergone liver problems or jaundice, as this medicine can cause liver disorders.

Warnings and Precautions

Before consuming Azithromycin or Zithromax generic, a few important things are required to be kept in mind. As stated earlier, this drug is not suggested to those who face chronic liver disorder. If you had jaundice, this antibiotic is not suggested as it can cause further liver harms.  If you are allergic to erythromycin, clarithromycin and similar drugs, zithromax 500mg is not recommended for you. The medicine is not expected to harm unborn babies, though it is important to consult with doctor before taking this drug, if you are pregnant or planning to have pregnancy. There is no subsequent proof that this antibiotic passes to breast milk. So, if you are breast feeding a baby, there is no reason to be concerned.

How should you consume this medicine?

You are advised to take this drug, as exactly prescribed by your physician or doctor. Patients are strongly advised not taking this drug more than the quantity, prescribed by doctor. For different people, dosage and length of treatment are different. It actually depends on the nature of infection. The medicine should be taken till the length of time it has been prescribed by your doctor. Skipping dosage or shortening length of consumption of this medicine may cause physical complications. It can increase risk of infections in future, and further any other antibiotic may not work on your body to stop infections. In case if you have missed a dosage, you should follow schedule to take your next dosage of the medicine.

Side Effects

Like any other antibiotics, this medicine has too some side effects to show. Side effects can be minor as well as severe. It depends on resistance of different human bodies. Allergic reactions are common with this medicine, and some of the symptoms are breathing problem, hives, swelling tongue or face, etc. However, these are minor side effects, and they expected to get healed with time. Some side effects are severe, and you need to call or consult doctor immediately in such cases. These major side effects are diarrhea, stomach pain, liver problem, digestive disorders, high bilirubin, severe skin reactions, face or tongue swelling, etc.


Zithromax online may show reactions or interaction with various drugs, especially with nelfinavir, Jantoven, warfarin, etc. If you are consuming these medicines, your doctor would advise you to stop consumption of these medicines till the time you are undergoing course of this antibiotic. The antibiotic can be purchased online, and in many online shops, it is available in fair price.

Improve your exercise ability with Viagra

People across the globe have been complaining about their inability to exercise or workout to the extent one should be able to. Now Viagra is the drug that has been commonly used in almost all the countries to cure such inability and impotency in men. Viagra sildenafil citrate 100mg is that magic wand that can give you that you have been craving for long.

Another name for impotency is erectile dysfunction which now has got an answer after the options of getting Viagra online and for sale. It has proven its track record of benefitting the sufferers with the right kind of result. Two most important things to take care of before using this medicine are the following-

·         Nitrate drug is harmful to be used in combination with Viagra as the result can be as dangerous ad dropping of blood pressure level
·         If the erection in a man lasts for more than four hours, the person should immediately stop the intake of it
Apart from those two important conditions, make sure to follow certain other rules to make sure the drug has no harmful side effects.
·         You shouldn’t be allergic to sildenafil
·         If you are already taking medicines for pulmonary arterial hypertension, the drug can react
·         You should be free from any heart disease
·         You should not be a patient of high or low blood pressure
·         No kidney or liver damage should be present in your medical history
·         If you are suffering from anemia or leukemia, Viagra 25 mg or 50 mg shouldn’t be used
·         If you are asked to keep away from sexual intercourse, this medicine shouldn’t be taken

This medicine is available in different doses for different patients. You may be prescribed Viagra 120 mg or 150 mg and sometimes may be 200 mg too. It depends on your health conditions on which to be offered to you.

This is a medicine which is applicable for both the sexes, male and female. Viagra in India was considered a shame till the early twentieth century but now it is out in the open due to its medicinal benefit for those in need. Apart from India, people use Viagra in Singapore too. Almost every country uses it these days with no second thought because it has more positive effects.

Now if you are wondering where to buy, then the answer is pretty simple. You can find it in all the leading chemist shops and pharmacies. As it is a prescribed drug, you should have a prescription before buying it. There are many websites too where you can buy Viagra. The answer to your second question where to buy Viagra online is yet another simple one. Just google and you can find all the leading online portals that have Viagra for sale.

For those who think, it is a drug only for male erection is not true. There are Viagra for women too that helps improve a woman’s stamina. So either male or female can reap benefit out of this wonder medicine.

Namenda can heal Alzheimer in the Wink of an Eye

Very few people know of the reasons that cause Alzheimer in human beings. There are certain chemicals in the body which work towards contributing to the enhancement of Alzheimer in a person. This drug reduces those chemicals and curtails the chances of the disease. It has proven to be of great help to those suffering from this painful ailment.

There can be a few other diseases for which too this medicine can be used; in order to get a clear picture of what those diseases are and when they can be used, it is imperative that you consult with a doctor. Namenda 10 mg can be a drug that is multi-dimensional. Dose can be of different amount. It can be prescribed as namenda 28 mg for some while for some it can prescribed as namenda 5 mg. The dosage varies depending on the severity and discretion of the doctor’s understanding of a person’s suffering.


When it has been confirmed that you have been suffering from Alzheimer and the doctor has recommended dosage, there are a few things you should let your doctor know in order to avoid any complications.

·         When you start with this medication, you will be given 5 mg for daily intake which will change to 5 mg per week
·         Then begins the maintenance dose which will be 5 mg per day initially which goes up to 10 mg two times in a day
·         One can have a maximum dose of 20 mg
·         While in case of extended medication, your dose will increase from 5 mg to 7 mg per day
·         Once again from 7 mg per day it goes up to 7 mg per week
·         In order to maintain during this extended medication, the dose gets increased from 7 mg per day to 28 mg per day
·         So the maximum dose during the extended medication is 28 mg
While you are going through prescribing information, you can read the dos and don’ts. You can also verify the ingredients used to check if you are allergic to any. The 10 mg tablet can be harmful if you have more than recommended dose. In fact, you need to call the emergency helpline or poison in case you have overdosed.
When we talk about side effects can be as follows-
·         You have severe headache
·         Frequent mood swings
·         If you have diarrhea
·         Dizziness overpowers you and some more

If you ae suffering from any such symptoms after this drug, then the best is to talk to your doctor.
There is an alternative of having several small doses a day. A patient having small doses of this medicine can easily be given the dose of xr 28 mg once a day.

This switch is applicable when the patients don’t have severe problems like hepatic impairment. Namenda xr dosing is prescribed with food and without food too.

Though namenda cost and namenda xr price are the same, the effect of the latter is far better and quick comparatively. 

Prevention is always better than cure with temozolomide and tenofovir

As they say prevention is better than cure. With temozolomide dose, you combine chemotherapy to help in preventing the growth and spread of certain type of cancer cell in human body. It is antineoplastic in nature and also stops the cancer cell from reproducing to increase in numbers. That sounds quite effective.

With the oral intake of these capsules, patient suffering from cancer also can opt for temozolomide chemotherapy if the situation permits and the doctor approves. It is an accelerated process of preventing those cancer cells that can prove to be deadly in the long run. Before you go for any kind of interaction with temozolomide, make sure to check certain conditions in your health to prevent further damage to it.

·         Inform the doctor if you are pregnant or planning of any such move in near future
·         The doctor should be informed of any medicine that you might be on with or without prescription
·         In case you are allergic to certain food items or ingredients used in medicine, that should be reported instantly

·         Pneumatic, kidney or liver suffering patients should inform the doctor well in advance
·         Bone marrow problem is a critical disease, this ought to be informed
·         If you are taking corticosteroids and valproic acids, that should be informed to the doctor
After the above mentioned conditions are checked and taken care of, you can begin with your treatment. No doubt the treatment can be quite effective or worth the money and time spent, there can be side effects too. Temozolomide side effects can vary from one person to another. It is important to check if you are having the symptoms of back pain, insomnia, vomiting sensation, aches in the muscles, nausea, change in the taste buds, sores in the mouth organs, loss of appetite and some more. If you observe that you have any visible change in your physical appearance or have been suffering from any internal problem after the treatment with temozolomide, you should with no delay see a doctor.
Temozolomide price or cost can vary depending on several factors.

Just like cancer, there are more ailments that need full attention and treatment at the right time. If you are infected with HBV or HIV, you should instantly start your treatment with tenofovir disoproxil.This drug is used in combination with other medicines and not independently. It helps fight the infection. Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate helps a patient by obstructing the growth of the virus that can infect you with HIV. No one wants to be infected with that as it is contagious in nature and can cause problem to the world. The drug is also prescribed by doctors to treat hepatitis b. With Tenofovir hepatitis b can be prevented and led a healthy life.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that this drug is not the answer to any of the above stated medical condition. They are only preventers to those harmful ailments. Tenofovir viread is an exemplary drug that has been creating a buzz across the globe for its impeccable performance. Before the intake of this drug, make sure to inform your doctor of all the medical history that you think can matter in helping him or her make the decision of treating you with the drug. With place and condition of disease, tenofovir cost in other words tenofovir price does change. Do make it a point to check the medicine pouch to know the price. Tenofovir generic name for viread is a worldwide used name.

There are side effects like nausea, loss of appetite, rise of body temperature, unusual bleeding or body ache. Apart from this there can be more. If you see any other changes, it is the side effects. You must see a doctor instantly.

Scared of Cancer? Don’t be anymore with Nexavar

Cancer is not a disease, it is a fear and everyone is scare to face it. The cells inducing cancer in a human body spread faster than anticipated. There is hardly any medication that has been invented to spread these cancer cells. It is a revolution with Nexavar that is said to be blocking the spread as well as the growth of those dangerous cells. No other drug has been able to claim to have had this effect. Now that nexavar cancer drug claims this, we can be proud of the achievement in the field of medicine. This is one arena which has been waiting for this revolution for long.

This amazing drug helps in curing cancer in the liver, cancer of the thyroid and kidney cancer too. It is rare to hear about the healing of liver cancer but now with nexavar, liver cancer is meant to have made its way through the positive side of life. It has won over the sufferings and healed with the help of this medicine. People all over the world have been talking about the magical effect of this truly revolutionary drug that does wonder by healing cancer. Apart from liver cancer, with Nexavar, thyroid cancer too is treatable. Many patients suffering have come out victorious fighting the battle of lives. There is no medicine at par nexavar which is casting its spell on everyone and that too positively. Can anyone say a No? I am sure no one, in fact no one will.

Life is the most precious gift one can have and to live each moment is everyone’s dream. This drug helps you live that dream with no fear of death from cancer. It is doing the job of pulling you out of the jaw of death. While it is quite effective drug, one ought to be very careful with the below mentioned points before beginning the dose of this medication.

·         You shouldn’t have any kidney or liver damage or any problem pertaining to those organs
·         Cancer in the lungs is a strict No
·         You ought not have allergies of any kind
·         You shouldn’t be suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems
·         Any history of heart attack and stroke shouldn’t be in your medical history
·         You shouldn’t be suffering from any genetic Long QT
If the above points are taken care of, you are fit to undergo the medication. You should be open while you are discussing your health condition to the doctor. Anything hidden can lead to malfunctioning. You can be careful about the composition after going through the prescribing information too.


The drug when prescribed needs to be followed strictly with no miss. The regular dose is to to take the medicine once or twice depending on the severity and diagnosis done by your physicist. Generally it should be taken one or two hours before meal on an empty stomach. There can be negative side or side effects of taking the drug like sores in the mouth, heavy bleeding during periods, pain in the chest, blisters, weight loss, extremely high blood pressure and many more which can of sever kinds. In case you have any such symptoms or any that has not been mentioned, it is good to see a doctor and discuss.

Cancer can be cured with Temodar

One of the deadliest diseases people are quite scared of is cancer. This disease doesn’t let you live independently and enjoy each moment. No one wants to be diagnosed with this scary ailment. With lot of research and development, temodar has been created to create life and a sense of security for those people suffering from it.

It has been considered a life changing drug that promises life from the tunnel of death. What a relief for those going through this deadly ride. Temodar drug is an amazing medicine developed to cater to the needs of the needy. The dose can be 250 mg too. This drug helps in a great way by reducing the growth of cancer growing cells in a human being. Nothing can beat the effect of the 250 mg. It is generally combined with radiation therapy in order to treat brain tumors of a specific type in adults.
Chemotherapy is prescribed by cancer specialist for any type of cancer and temodar chemotherapy is an asset in the field of medicine that can do a lot better for the cancer patients. There are a few careful tips for starting the dose of this drug.

1.      Inform your doctor of any kidney or liver disease that you have been suffering from
2.      If pregnant, the drug should be avoided. There are major possibilities that the unborn child is harmed
3.      Make sure not to use any damaged or medicine that has already been broken
4.      Doctor’s each instruction should be followed carefully without any miss
5.      Have a correct count of the number of doses and capsules you intake

Procedure of the dose

Temodar dosing has to be taken seriously and not casually at all. You can’t ignore something that is so crucial to your health conditions. The dose is initially given for a period of 28 days after which the dosage might differ. You may be given radiation too along with this medicine. It is a highly effective drug; hence it is advisable that you are extra vigilant with its intake. It is at your doctor’s will to how long the treatment should be continued.

The doctor will make sure to keep a tab on you progress and change the dose accordingly. The prescribing information should be followed to the t so that you have no ill consequences of taking the medicine. One thing that comes along every medicine is the side effect which can be minor or major.

The side effects can be many like convulsions, fever, unusual bleeding, low count of WBC, liver problems, nausea, itching, unusual tiredness, dark colored urine, jaundice and hair loss.

There can be reactions if you take it with steroid or valproic acid. It is better to avoid so that you are safe and free from any medical complications. With the medical treatment, the patient also is entitled to temodar patient assistance which is an added assistance to take care of crucial patients or patients in the later stages of cancer. Though the benefits are many, yet temodar cost is within your budget and suits your ability to spend. No one is actually concerned about the price as it has more to give than the price.

While temodar is the brand of the medicine, the generic name is temozolomide. They are available in capsules. If one finds it difficult or for some other reason is not able to buy it, one can easily go for the alternative, which is 100 mg price for which is not too high. Per unit cost of this drug can vary from $ 60 to $ 140.  It is another anti-cancer drug known for its effective utility. On the other hand 250 mg price varies from $ 90 to $ 500.

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Imatinib is the answer to major problems like Skin Cancer and Leukemia

Who wants to be diagnosed with skin cancer, leukemia, some major diseases like bone marrow problem, intestinal tumors? I am pretty none. What if this happens to your loved ones? Is there any precautions? Yes, there is and Imatinibis a great one.

It is not at all easy to find the accurate treatment for those mentioned diseases but with the invention of imatinib, situations are getting better. The major function of this drug is that it stops the growth of the very dangerous cells which are cancer cells. Imatinib mesylate is an ideal package for patients suffering from various cancers. Before the intake of awesome drug, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the making of this medicine. If you are, then it is wise to stay away from it. You also need to check that you are not taking warfarin. If these two conditions are checked, you are good to go.

Doctors should be aware of certain facts before you start the dose of imatinib generic. The doctor should know that you are on the verge of having a baby or if you have had any allergies in the past. Medical history is crucial in any treatment, so he should also know if you have any problems pertaining to liver or kidney or lungs or even heart failure. If so, the doctor will recommend an alternative for you.

Imatinib prescribing information will have all that you need to know before you start the dose. You will be told about the dos and don’ts. It is said that this drug reacts very easily with other medicines and cause you problem, so you should inform the doctor about it too. The dose needs to be had with meal in a full glass of water without a miss.

Almost all the medicines available in the chemist have side effects and similar is that with this medicine. Imatinib side effects can vary depending on the immune system. You can have minor or major side effects. A few minor side effects may be anxiety, loss of hair, increase in the quantity of tear production, nausea, nose as well as throat irritation, change in taste, sensation of vomiting, either runny nose or stuffy nose, frequent tiredness and many more. If we mention the major ones, they may be pain in the bones, numbness, swelling of your limbs, bleeding, change in the color of sputum, you may also have trouble while talking or swallowing, vaginal bleeding, no healing wound and more. After we know the effects, we should definitely be cautious and have a proper discussion with doctor before the consumption.

With so many positive effects despite the side effects, imatinib gleevec is a recommended drug for cancer and imatinib mesylate price too is not too high that the middle class suffering from the disorders can’t afford. It has been made available for everyone so that the diseases are taken care of without any class distinction. In fact imatinib price makes it the most sold medicine for crucial disorders. Stay safe and stay healthy. 

Time to say Good Bye to pattern baldness of men with finasteride 1mg

How about getting younger once again and having the similar charm of your youth? Sounds impossible? No, it isn’t. You can now have your hair back and be ten years younger with finasteride 1mg. 

It is that medicine that can get your youth back. No I am no kidding; it is a great way to look younger than your age. You must have seen many men suffering from pattern baldness who are frustrated about it. They have for sure tried many treatment and medicine to cure this baldness; however nothing like finasteride tablets. It is strange to see adult men losing hair with the growing age but there is a science behind it. There is hormone called DHT which plays a vital role in reducing the hair growth and losing hair. Finasteridehelps those men by reducing that hormone present which in turn increases the growth of hair stopping hair loss. Isn’t this a great way of treating the crown like baldness. It indeed is. So people suffering from this can definitely smile now and have a sigh of relief. Finasteride UK is a favorite of the population in the United Kingdom as they are young at heart and want to look young too. This medicine has helped them in maintaining the charm they have always wanted to.

Although the finasteride tablets help in getting back the hair of the crown area of adult men’s head, yet it has no effect on any other part of your body’s hair. Sounds really strange but good too as many people want only the hair growth and not of any other part. Like any other medicine we have with water, this also needs to be consumed in the similar fashion. In case it has been crushed to be mixed with water, make sure it is not touched by any child or pregnant woman. It can be harmful.Finasteride for hair loss is a revolutionary way to treat the baldness that has affected men in many ways. It has been proved that baldness is one of the reasons for many men’s depression. Finasteride hair loss treatment is approved by many doctors round the globe because of its excellent result and bringing happiness to those depressed souls.

With this medicine, it is time to rejoice your present and live your youthful days once again. There can be no alternative to finasteride propecia because of its mind blowing positive effects. One has to regularly use it to maintain the hair growth. If it is stopped for any reason, the hair loss can start within twelve months and you definitely don’t want that after so much of efforts put in. Finasteride 5mg is just too apt for baldness treatment if consumed just the way as prescribed by your doctor. If not, it can have side effects. To name a few side effects- decreased desire for sex, pain in the testicles, breast enlargement, nipple discharge, rash and itching, swelling of tongue or throat and some more. If any such symptoms or any other symptoms are observed, you must see a doctor with no delay.

As they say prevention is better than cure, take finasteridewisely and rejuvenate your younger days. 

Stay Healthy and Hygienic with fluconazole

How many of care to take care of our delicate part? None I am sure. Well it is of utmost importance to get rid of any vulnerability that can cause vaginal infection. Fluconazole 150 mg gives you the result.

This medicine belongs to that group of drug which helps in curing infection in your vagina from Fungus. The drug group is called Azole antifungals. A dose of fluconazole 150 can make things hygienic for you by giving you a healthy lifestyle. It takes care of the most intimate part of our body. You can get this almost all the chemist shops but buying and using it for the first time is after a follow up with your doctor and reading the instructions carefully on the leaflet. Do as the doctor prescribes. Fluconazole 150mg is a great medicine to help you to get relief of any vaginal infection that may have caused to due to the growth of fungus in it. That sounds scary but the treatment isn’t.

The dosage is simple; you can take it once a day without considering whether you have had food or not. Fluconazole 200mg can have side effects. It is recommended that you see a doctor or get medical help instantly if there is any serious problem owing to it. You can get it from any shop or you can also get fluconazole online. The latter option is what people prefer more these days. You will see that a regular use of it can go a long way in bringing the difference in the infection. It is hard to believe and that is true that very few people believe of existence of such a medicine that can treat fluconazole yeast infection but in reality there is. Never trust anyone when it comes to your body but a doctor. You can get it with or without prescription, so it is good to be cautious while getting it without any consultation with a doctor. No one should take any chance that can have an adverse effect. Well people abroad have been talking about the positive effects of it rather than any minor side effects.

With so many wonders to offer, you will also be shocked to hear the fluconazole price which is extremely economical which implies anybody and anywhere in need can buy with having no second though in mind. There are fluconazole tablets that can be gulped without the fear of how would it taste. If you have made up your mind to go for this great help then it is important for you to tell your doctor if you have allergy with any anti-fungal medicines so that an alternative if any can be recommended. If you are prone to heart or liver disease, you must not hide it from your doctor before the dosage of fluconazole. Apart from major precautions, you might need to see a doctor instantly if after the consumption of the anti-fungal, you have any stomach pain, severe sweating. If you are pregnant, it should be used only at doctor’s advice. 

Keeping Your Bones Healthy and Strong

I know, I know. You’re tired of hearing about the importance of exercise.

But I can’t help myself. It’s always on my mind; always in the news in some shape or form.
Just the other day I received an email from the Know My Bones Council. In case you’re not familiar with this organization, it consists of six leading health and women’s groups  whose goal is to encourage women with postmenopausal osteoporosis, or PMO, to pay attention to their bone health and learn how to fight this disease.

So…why am I telling you this? If you’re a baby boomer and/or post-menopausal, now’s the time to pay attention.

Well, one reason is that if osteoporosis is not prevented or left untreated, it can progress without your knowing (it’s painless). But, it’s only painless until a bone breaks, most typically in the hip, spine or wrist. And you don’t want to break a bone, especially not your hip: this type of fracture often results in hospitalization and major surgery and can further lead to disability and even death.

Women are four times more likely to suffer from osteoporosis as men are – scary, isn’t it?

What’s scarier are the results from a national survey, revealing that women may not be doing everything they can to adequately manage the disease. Below are a few results:
One-out-of-five women with PMO are retiring later than they had anticipated; of those, 48% attribute later retirement to the current economy.

70% of all osteoporotic respondents are fearful about losing their independence or having to limit activities due to PMO.44% of women with PMO who have experienced a fracture avoid carrying heavy objects.

32% avoid activities/hobbies they used to enjoy with family and friends.
23% avoid climbing stairs.

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Confronting Surgery and Staying Positive

The day finally arrived when all the imaging tests were completed and I was to get the final results. The news was not good: the cancer was in an advanced stage and invasive. The doctor told me that my bladder would have to be removed, and I would need a radical hysterectomy.

Thanks to my research online and the information from the National Cancer Institute, I had arrived for that appointment prepared. I had information on a procedure that involved creating an Indiana pouch from my right colon to avoid having to wear a colostomy bag on the outside. I presented the information to my doctor.

Luckily, my doctor loved for patients to be involved in their own care. He was very open and said that might be a possibility. He told me the decision could not be made until I was on the operating table because it would depend on whether the cancer had spread beyond the bladder walls. Somehow, I knew it had not. I insisted that we get the surgery over so I could get back to work.

The doctor thought that I was not taking my condition seriously—but I was, and a lot more seriously than he knew. I had a husband to take care of, and I was carrying all I could handle on my shoulders. There would not be any more placed on them at that time. I felt I still had many things left yet to do and a lot of giving of myself that had not been given yet. I would not be let off easy. I had to fulfill my purpose for being here.

I wanted to get started, get on course—whatever that course may be and wherever it would lead me. I am not always a patient person. I prefer action to discussion, and sometimes that is not wise. The doctor said he would not schedule surgery until he could assemble the surgery team that he wanted to assist him. That meant wait.

I waited for about four weeks—and it seemed like four months—before the surgery. In the meantime, I continued to search the Internet for information, interact with my newfound friends in Glenna’s Garden and make arrangements for my post-operative care.

I constructed a new routine for daily living. I listened only to music that was uplifting and inspirational. I watched only television shows or movies that were funny, light or had wonderful endings. I would not watch anything violent or upsetting. I bought a small water garden with a waterfall to go by my bedside. My room became a safe, uplifting haven in which all senses were surrounded with positive input.

As I mentally prepared myself for dealing with cancer, I was also trying to support and help my husband cope with his own battle with cancer. He was in his last week of radiation treatments when I had my surgery.

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My Mother Had a Chronic, Debilitating Disease

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is something very personal for me. My mom had RA. She was diagnosed when I was ten and the larger part of my childhood was colored by the stark reality that my mother had a chronic, debilitating disease. In just a few short years, she went from being the energetic, outgoing mother of four who helped run the family business and chaired the local Girl Scout cookie sale, to being bedridden because of joint damage.

My mom was diagnosed with RA in the 1970s and back then, not much was understood about rheumatoid arthritis. We knew it wasn’t the ‘other’ kind of arthritis, osteoarthritis, but beyond that it was pretty much an information void. The doctors offered up very little about the disease, except to say the treatment options were limited. Even worse, these were the days before the Internet so there was nowhere to turn for mom or our family to do our own research, to learn more about the disease, to learn what kinds of questions we should have asked her doctors. There were few effective treatments when my mother was diagnosed, but if she had known some of the encouraging news about exercise and motion and how to move when you have a flare-up, if she’d heard some straight talk about how to negotiate relationships when RA is part of the equation, if she’d heard about the connection between nutrition and inflammation — well! I can only imagine how encouraging that might have been. My mom battled RA for ten years before she passed away from complications.

People forget that the physical symptoms are only one aspect of RA. With chronic diseases, there is so much more to manage than just the aches and pains.

I suspect there is a person out there who’s just recently learned they have RA and they are busy planning how they are going to ‘stop’ living. I imagine there is a family member who is thinking, “Hey, this isn’t what I signed up for” and filled with misgivings about the future.

I have sometimes wondered if things might have been different if we could have been better informed and were able to be better advocates for my mom. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of New Way RA, a new online talk show focused exclusively on topics relevant to anyone dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. The show takes a whole life approach to RA and features interviews with experts on not just the medical issues of RA, but other topics relevant to the overall well-being of someone living with a chronic condition – nutrition, fitness, relationships and work/career management.

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Why Your Eyes Might Be Red and Itchy

My post on crying got a lot of us thinking about emotions. But one comment I received from Nancy (“My optometrist told me that we actually need testosterone as well as estrogen to produce tears, which is why many women develop dry eye as they age and as the hormone levels plummet”) got me thinking about another aspect of tears: the lack of them as it relates to menopause. Indeed, hormones play a significant role in lubricating our eyes.

As if it’s not enough to deal with headaches, hot flashes, insomnia, hot flashes mood swings, fatigue…it a wonder we survive menopause. But we do.

Menopause – and the years leading up to it – can introduce us to this condition, where our eyes get dry. Very dry. Redness, irritation, stinging, burning – that’s dry eye. Feeling like you want to rip your contact lenses out of your eyes because it’s so uncomfortable to wear them – that could be it, too. Other symptoms:

Stringy mucus in or around your eyes
Increased eye irritation from smoke or wind
Eye fatigue after short periods of reading
Sensitivity to light
Periods of excessive tearing

Blurred vision, often worsening at the end of the day or after focusing for a prolonged period
Last year at my annual wellness exam, I mentioned some of these symptoms to my physician. He thought for a moment and then added an additional blood test to the mix, to check for autoimmune diseases. Why? Because dry eyes can sometimes be common with certain disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma and Sjogren’s syndrome. It can also point to thyroid disorders and Vitamin A deficiency.

Thankfully, I turned out not to have any autoimmune diseases – just the garden variety dry eye. Ironic, coming from a natural-born crybaby. Where are the tears when I need them??
Even if menopause may not be to blame for dry eye, be aware of these other culprits:
Certain drugs to treat high blood pressure, such as diuretics
Antihistamines and decongestants
Birth control pills
Certain antidepressants
Pain relievers, like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve)
Isotretinoin-type drugs to treat acne

Okay, why all the fuss? Well, besides being a major interruption in your everyday routine, dry eye can lead to complications like more frequent eye infections or in more severe cases, scarring on your eye’s surface, which can lead to vision problems down the line.

The best line of defense is prevention. People may think I’m making a fashion statement when I wear my sunglasses outside on a cloudy day, but I’m not. They help protect my eyes from the wind, which is so, so irritating and drying to my eyes.
Other ways you can protect your eyes:
Direct hair dryers, car heaters, air conditioners or fans away from your eyes
Protect your eyes with goggles when you swim
Take periodic breaks during long bouts of reading or computer work. You can close your eyes for a few minutes or even blink repeatedly for a few seconds – that’ll help spread your tears evenly over your eye
Stop smoking (I truly hope you don’t smoke!) and avoid smoke, which can worsen dry eye symptoms
Position your computer screen below eye level. If it’s above eye level, it’s likely you are opening your eyes wider to view it, which can contribute to dryness

Add moisture to the air. Try a humidifier in the winter, when the air is likely more devoid of moisture
This Matters> There is relief from itchy, dry eyes. You can try an over-the-counter eye drop (there are many varieties, so discuss them with your healthcare professional), wash your eyelids to control inflammation, or try adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet either in supplement form or in foods like walnuts, salmon, flaxseed, canola or soybean oil.

Or, how about watching a real tear-jerker of a movie to get your eyes nice and lubricated (at least for the moment)? Some guaranteed to work: Marley & Me, The Notebook, Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment, Ghost, March of the Penguins (I don’t know why, but that one really turned on the tears for me)…I could go on and on. Chances are you have your own!

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Teeth Whitening Best Bets: DIY vs. Professional Treatments

Not to worry! After reading this, you’ll know just what to do. New York City-based orthodontist and teeth whitening specialist Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling has come to the rescue and explained the pros and cons of each to help you decide which option is best for you.

To begin, both over-the-counter whitening kits and professional treatments offer certain benefits. To have the best outcome possible, it’s important to understand what can reasonably be expected. Additionally, it’s vital to start with a clean slate.

“No matter what method of whitening a patient opts for, it’s essential to have a professional cleaning beforehand to ensure the best possible results,” cautions Dr. Goodling. “Plaque and remnant adhesive from orthodontic treatment will not whiten, so if they’re present, the result will be blotchy and imperfect—far from the radiant smile people want when they whiten.”

Over-the-Counter/DIY Whitening Kits  

Do-it-yourself whitening kits like Crest 3D White Whitestrips, Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste and many more offer high-level whitening at a much lower price point than professional treatments. Prices range from $20 to $99.
Pros: Inexpensive and convenient

With their low price tag, OTC kits are good options for patients who want something they can pick up without making an appointment and who don’t want to make a large investment.
Cons: You’re on your own

Many patients who use these kits use them incorrectly. The bleaching solution isn’t intended to make contact with the gum line, because it causes gum recession, the leading cause of dental sensitivity.
Dr. Goodling’s advice: Use OTC whitening kits for emergencies only, for maintenance or for cases where extreme discoloration isn’t present. “These kits are great to give your smile a boost before a big event or to maintain previous whitening. However, the results don’t last as long as professional treatments, and what we don’t like to see is patients over-using them,” Dr. Goodling says.
Professional Whitening Treatments 
Professional whitening treatments include in-office treatments like Zoom! teeth whitening or BriteSmile that offer fast results and dentist-supervised at-home whitening treatments, which are more economical and render the same results as in-office treatments, though less rapidly. The price varies from $500 to $1,000.
Pros: Dazzling, longer-lasting results and customization
This summer, the FDA approved the use of ACP, amorphous calcium and phosphate, as a desensitizer, and professional products including Zoom! have successfully integrated it for safer, healthier whitening.
Professional whitening agents are regulated and dispensed only by dental professionals. These agents lighten teeth an average of seven shades lighter than their original shade. Plus, in-office options do so in very little time.
Dentist-supervised at-home whitening options include a tray customized to the specifics of each patient’s mouth, helping to guarantee the bleaching agent is applied as precisely as possible.
Cons: High price tag

Professional whitening provides the most impressive results but the cost can be prohibitive.
Dr. Goodling’s advice: Be aware that a handful of companies have begun offering whitening treatments they claim are of “professional grade” but that aren’t regulated and are not what they seem.

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