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Natural ways to lower blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it does not mean that you should use anti-hypertensive pills right away. There are many natural ways to lower blood pressure.
Every third person on the planet face problems with his blood pressure from time to time or constantly. Many of that kind of people are subject to several factors that negatively affect the work of the cardiovascular system.
The easiest way to reduce the blood pressure immediately is to drink some water. Cool beverages can lessen the blood pressure, while hot drinks on contrary – can increase it.
Abnormal blood pressure can be caused by the shortage of some substances in the body. Vitamins and minerals can replace some medications for hypertension treatment. Natural additives, containing magnesium, cod-liver oil and vitamins of B group have made a good showing in the therapy of high blood pressure.
You can buy over-the-counter natural additives at traditional pharmacies and on online pharmacies. Natural vitamins and minerals allow normalizing the blood pressure, as well as improving the function of all organs and systems of the body.
Relaxation methods
Some methods of relaxation and stress relief can help to reduce the blood pressure quickly and effectively. Breathing exercises and meditation can calm you down and stabilize your heart rhythms.
According to medical studies, the relaxation not only suppresses the symptoms of psychological disorders, like anxiety, but also provides a significant effect on physiological parameters, including heart rate, blood pressure, the oxygen consumption and brain activity.
In order to get the maximum benefit, use some relaxation methods along with other positive problem solving methods, such as positive thinking, humor, time management, regular sleep and communication.
Natural ways to lower blood pressure without medications can include brain training, concentration and contemplation. Meditation helps to become friends with yourself, makes you free from irritated reaction and teaches you to accept things as they are.
Relaxation allows normalizing the blood pressure and improving the quality of life. People with high blood pressure are recommended to practice daily relaxation methods, directed to the reduction of stress symptoms.
The main causes of high blood pressure are bad heredity, excess weight, excessive fluid in the body and narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). Special diets help normalizing the blood pressure in a natural way, thereby reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack.
Cut down salt intake. This will improve the function of your cardiovascular system, as well as remove the excess liquid from the body. Also, cut down the alcohol intake. As clinical research has shown, alcohol refusal can stabilize the blood pressure levels.
Stop eating fast food and other junk foods. Instead, you should eat more fish and seafood. In fact, fish contains many essential substances that are not produced in the human body.
Low-calorie diets to lower blood pressure must consist of fruit, vegetables and fat-free dairy products. Get rid of foods, containing a large amount of cholesterol and saturated fats.
Changing your eating preferences is usually the first step towards the lower blood pressure. If you use some other methods in addition to diets, like change of lifestyle, your blood pressure will be reduced much faster.
Physical exercises
Physical exercises are good for a natural and immediate decrease in the blood pressure. Increased physical activity provides a positive effect on work of the heart muscle in the medium and the long term.
Make sure you do physical exercises regularly, 30 to 60 minutes a day. Start with light-intensity and moderate-intensity exercises. Brisk walk and jogging are perfect for that.
Physical exercises can lessen the blood pressure by 5-10 mmHg in two weeks. Workouts must not be too intense. If you missed an exercise, do not increase exercises intensity, because intense exercises are contraindicated in hypertension.
Even just a usual walk in the park is more effective than medications for hypertension treatment. If you do not know which exercises are best for a good work of the cardiovascular system, consult your personal trainer.
Physical exercises allow to lose weight much faster. Set yourself a goal to lose 5 kg first. This will help you to lower blood pressure and encourage to achieve new goals.
Try to walk instead of driving a car. Do not use elevator too often, you can take stairs when you need to go up and down. Any physical activities involving movement are good for you; while weights lifting and strength exercises on a simulator can even increase your blood pressure.
Natural ways to lower blood pressure during pregnancy may consist of various combined methods, taking into account the causes of high blood pressure. Special diets and other natural ways stabilizing the hormonal level are also effective.
Natural ways to lower blood pressure listed in this review can improve function of the cardiovascular system in just 2-3 weeks. If you suffer from hypertension, it is recommended to measure the blood pressure regularly. The blood pressure control allows you to choose methods of treatment that are most effective for your body.
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Diet Pills for Teens

Different Types of Diet Pills for Teens
Diet pills reduce the appetite and a patient starts eating significantly less, in such way consuming fewer calories and as a result losing weight. However, these slimming pills are mostly efficient if combined with physical exercises and reduced calorie intake.
According to statistics, Americans spend about 170 million USD per year for buying dietary supplements and at least 1/3 of this amount are underage teenagers who want to lose weight since obesity is quite common in the United States among teens and young adults. However, not always “adult” slimming pills are good and working for teens even if they have fewer side effects. Doctors strictly recommend buying diet pills for teens or by teens only after consultation because there is a risk to destroy metabolism system of a young developing body with badly chosen tablets.
The following information will be useful for everyone who looks for safe and effective diet pills for teens and want to achieve great results in losing weight without any risks.
Medical effects from using diet pills for teens
When considering medical effects from using diet pills for teens it is important to distinguish between the individual drugs. Thanks to web drugstores there are available OTC and prescription preparations- all have different effects due to the completely different active ingredients. These ingredients can be vegetative and chemical substances, depending on the drugs or dietary supplements you use. Let’s consider in detail the effects of the most popular diet pills for teens.
Appetite suppressants
The so-called appetite suppressants (anorectics) are probably the best known means be taken with quick weight loss purposes. They are classified as prescription diet pills. These are pills like Aminorex, Ephedrine, Phentermine, Sibutramine or similar by content to them medications. Appetite suppressants act on the satiety center in the hypothalamus of the brain. The weight-reducing effect is limited here but only on the time of ingestion.
Fat blockers
Among prescription diet pills for teens can be distinguished fat blockers (anti-obesity drugs). These are substances are known as preventive measures that are destroying fats in the body faster than normally. They are only for people who suffer from obesity and they should be used along with the reduced fat diet. Known are two different medicines called Chitosan and Orlistat. Xenical (Orlistat) inhibits the digestive enzyme pancreatic lipase. This makes the gut for the decomposition of fat. By the enzyme is inhibited by Orlistat, the ingested fat is excreted undigested.
Homeopathic diet supplements
Homeopathic diet pills for teens can suppress food cravings, support the detoxification of the body and help you lose weight depending on the chosen substance. It is important to listen to your body and take fewer calories than needed and at the same time to make exercises to help homeopathic pills to burn fat. Homeopathic pills can be directly prepared by homeopaths in every individual case. However, they will be good and effective not for everyone.
Possible side effects from using diet pills for teens
High blood pressure;
Cardiac arrhythmia;
Heart valve damage;
Green Tea Extract as one of the most powerful natural diet pills for teens
To avoid any of these side effects it is possible to apply natural diet supplements. Green tea extract in capsules provide a 100% healthy option apply on a regular basis as a diet pill for teenagers. They have a high anti-oxidant level promoting generally good health and caffeine that can increase metabolism. Faster metabolism can help the body burn more calories in a totally natural way.
Green tea also enhances energy levels stabilizing stamina required for physical exercises – and logically – for faster weight loss. There are many dietary products containing the extract powder of green tea leaves. It is essential to consult a healthcare specialist in order to determine which product best suit your weight loss goals. As this diet pill for teens does contain caffeine and if you have low or zero tolerance of caffeine, then it will be better find an alternative diet pill for yourself.
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Systolic blood pressure

Arterial blood pressure is a pressure of blood in large blood arteries measured in millimeters of mercury.
The level of blood pressure at the time of maximum heart contraction is called the systolic blood pressure (SBP).
The level of blood pressure at the time of maximum heart relaxation is called diastolic blood pressure (DBP).
Systolic blood pressure is the most important indicator of the heart functional state. A significant increase in systolic blood pressure is one of the key risk factors for serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pathologies, including:
Coronary heart disease, uncontrolled hypertension, heart failure, myocardial infarction, peripheral arterial disease, and stroke.
High systolic blood pressure is much more dangerous to health than high diastolic blood pressure. Therefore, to reduce cardiovascular risks, a particular attention should be paid to the normalization of blood pressure at the time of maximum heart contraction.
At the end of the 60s, in the early 70s of the last century in Europe, there have been conducted several large studies, including:
Systolic Hypertension – Europe (SYST-EUR)
Systolic Hypertension in the Elderly Program (SHEP)
The results of these studies have demonstrated that the decline in systolic blood pressure by only 12-13 mmHg reduces the risk of stroke – by 37%, and coronary heart disease – by 21%.
Furthermore, the study results of SYST-EUR and SHEP indicate that when reducing systolic blood pressure by 12-13 mmHg, mortality from cardiovascular diseases decreases by 25%.
A normal range of systolic blood pressure ranges from 90 to 120 mmHg. Any change in the range of systolic blood pressure may be a sign of hypertension or hypotension.
Systolic blood pressure above 120 mmHg is a symptom of hypertension.
Systolic blood pressure below 90 mmHg is a symptom of persistent hypotension.
Hypertension is one of the most common diseases that occurs because of high systolic blood pressure. For the reduction and effective control of systolic blood pressure, it is required a drug therapy chosen individually for each case.
Different types of medications for management of essential hypertension are available at the pharmaceutical market. When one of the hypertension signs is a high systolic and a normal diastolic blood pressure, for the effective control of hypertension, the following medications can be used
All of these medications are approved for the hypertension treatment, but included in different pharmacological groups.
Indapamide – is a thiazide-like diuretic.
Amlodipine – is a calcium antagonists
Candesartan – is an angiotensin receptor blockers
Each of these medications helps to control systolic blood pressure and to reduce cardiovascular risks. Despite the fact that these three medications have the same effect, there are some differences between them.
Indapamide is an antihypertensive medication, which is most commonly prescribed at the initial stage of antihypertensive therapy. Just as other antihypertensive medications, Indapamide helps to reduce systolic blood pressure.
However, given the fact that Indapamide does not provide a powerful antihypertensive effect, it should be used only for the treatment of the first and second stages of hypertension.
Indapamide medication for the reduction of systolic blood pressure can be sold under various trade names, including: Mapemid, Cardide, Varbim, Diurelix, Tertensif, Fludex, Tensaid, Indapres, Rawel, Indipam, Natrilix, Lorvacs. All of these medications are available at the UK pharmacies.
If Indapamide diuretic does not provide a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure, it can be replaced by Candesartan medication. Unlike Indapamide, which can be prescribed only to adults, Candesartan can be used to decrease systolic blood pressure in children and adolescents aged 6 years and older.
Candesartan uniqueness is that it can be used to reduce systolic blood pressure in patients with impaired left ventricular systolic function. Moreover, Candesartan is effective in treating hypertension in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF).
At the UK pharmacies, Candesartan is sold under various trademarks, including Amias, Atacand, and Blopress. If you want to buy medication to lower systolic blood pressure at the lowest price, check with your doctor under what trademarks cheap Candesartan is sold in your city.
If high systolic blood pressure is diagnosed in patients with coronary artery disease, as an alternative to Candesartan, you can use antihypertensive medication – Amlodipine.
Besides the fact that Amlodipine helps to control systolic blood pressure, it also decreases the symptoms of coronary artery disease (CAD), including confirmed or suspected vasospastic chronic angina.
Just as Candesartan, Amlodipine can be prescribed to children. Therefore, choosing between Amlodipine and Candesartan, the doctor should be guided by cardiovascular risks diagnosed in the patient. The British using Amlodipine to lower systolic blood pressure know this medication under the original names Amlostin, Amolyte and Istin.
It should be noted that the cheapest tablets to reduce systolic blood pressure are sold on online pharmacies. If you want to buy medication to control systolic blood pressure at the lowest price, you can compare the cost of the needed medication on different online pharmacies.
Having bought cheap tablets to decrease systolic blood pressure online, you can significantly reduce your costs of a short-term or long-term antihypertensive therapy.
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Appetite suppressant

The amount of food we eat and the level of our physical activity are two main factors affecting the body weight. Whereas we can easily increase our physical activity levels, it is very hard sometimes to control our appetite. To solve the appetite and body weight problem, you may use some appetite suppressant.
Since ancient times, people used different methods to reduce their appetite. Many of natural appetite suppressants are still used. Modern pharmacology makes advances to everyone, who wants to reduce the body weight, offering various types of anorexigenic drugs.
How does appetite suppressant work?
Everybody, who is going to use any appetite suppressant, should know that these drugs contain substances that can trigger difficult reactions in the body. The body centers, responsible for appetite, are located in the brain. Namely these parts of the brain are targets of the effect of appetite suppressant drugs. The effect of the best appetite suppressants is aimed at:
Inhibition of the hunger center
Activation of the satiety center
Effective appetite suppressant drugs may become perfect helpers for those, who find it difficult to stick to low calorie diets. When person keeps such a diet, the brain sends ‘satiety’ signals even if a person ate just a small amount of food.
Appetite suppressant based on microcrystalline cellulose
To lose extra weight and treat obesity, people can use medications, based on microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). The principle of their action is based on appetite suppression due to filling of stomach by substances that contain no calories.
Unlike other appetite suppressants, MCC does not cause a direct impact on the central nervous system (CNS). Because MCC contains natural fiber, it provides a mechanic effect in the body.
Getting in the stomach, MCC fibers absorb liquid, increasing in the size and filling the major part of the stomach. Taking MCC before lunch, you will not be able to eat as much as you used to eat before.
Many appetite suppressants contain a certain amount of MCC. Fibers cleanse the stomach walls and normalize the work of all gastrointestinal tract. When swelling, MCC absorbs harmful substances and excretes them from the body in a natural way (for instance, heavy metals).
Side effects of appetite suppressant
Many producers of appetite suppressants claim that their products do not cause any side effects; in fact, this might be true. However, you should keep in mind that some appetite suppressants are stimulants of the CNS and their improper or excessive use may cause side effects.
Everything has its reverse side. For instance, scientists know that capsicum can reduce the appetite safely and effectively, but if you abuse this product, it may cause some side effects and changes in digestion.
Because anorexigenic drugs reduce the appetite by stimulating some certain parts of the brain, they may affect your health. Medications, containing MCC are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Some appetite suppressant drugs increase the activity and excitation, which is a good effect for your mood and weight loss. On the other hand, if such pills are taken at the second half of the day, some people may have insomnia, resulting in irritability.
Intolerance to components is a common side effect of weight loss pills. Allergic reactions occur rarely and usually depend on people’s individual characteristics.
Typically, over-the-counter weight loss pills do not cause any dangerous side effects. Often, adverse reactions appear when using any prescription drugs.
Prescription appetite suppressant
People can buy prescription appetite suppressant only after medical examination. Appetite suppressant pills are prescribed to patients, who were diagnosed obesity (BMI above 30). In case overweight becomes a life-threatening issue, anti-obesity drugs can also be prescribed.
It is believed that natural appetite suppressant drugs are less effective than prescription drugs, but they have some advantages. Firstly, over-the-counter pills do not cause side effects and they can be used for a long period of time. Secondly, people can buy over-the-counter appetite suppressant drugs on any online pharmacy and they don’t have to undergo a medical examination for that.
Drugs containing Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL) active substance are one of the most effective appetite suppressant pills. These drugs are available under international nonproprietary name – Phentermine, produced by different pharmaceutical companies. In some countries, these appetite suppressant drugs are sold under the original trade names, like:
Adipex and Suprenza – in the USA
Duromine and Metermine – in Australia
Phentermine-containing appetite suppressant drugs are not available in some countries of the world. This is caused by the fact that the Public Health Regulatory Authorities of certain countries believe the benefit of Phentermine is not much higher than the risks.
Phentermine appetite suppressant drug affects various areas of the brain and may cause the CNS side effects. The main disadvantage of Phentermine pills is cardiovascular side effects: high blood pressure and palpitation. Most obese people suffer from cardiovascular problems; therefore, such appetite suppressant drugs should be used with caution.
There are several types of appetite suppressant drugs, similar to Phentermine by the effect; these are Diethylpropion, Sibutramine, Methamphetamine and Lorcaserin. Some of them have appeared on pharmaceutical market quite recently, for example, Lorcaserin appeared in 2012; others like Diethylpropion were registered over 50 years ago.
Tablets, containing active substance called Methamphetamine are rarely used for obesity treatment. Drugs of this group have a high potential of abuse and drug addiction. Thus, they may cause psychosis, stroke or heart attack. Not so long ago, Sibutramine appetite suppressant was withdrawn from the pharmaceutical markets of most of the countries of the world.
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what is hypertension stage

The question «What is hypertension?» has either a very simple or a very complicated answer.
The simplest answer to the question «What is hypertension?» consists of two words.
The most complex answer to the question «What is hypertension?» may consist of several pages.
There are two types of hypertension: arterial hypertension and venous hypertension. People are usually diagnosed arterial hypertension. The alternative definition of «arterial hypertension» is high blood pressure. To understand what hypertension is, first we need to know what blood pressure is.
The blood pressure is a pressure of blood to the arterial walls, measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). To determine the blood pressure level, you need to measure the pressure of blood to the vessel walls during the contraction and relaxation of the heart.
While the heart is contracting, a systolic blood pressure is measured, while the heart is relaxing – diastolic blood pressure is measured. Hypertension is diagnosed if:
The systolic blood pressure is above 140 mmHg
The diastolic blood pressure is above 90 mmHg
«What is hypertension?» is the most frequently asked, yet not the only popular question about the blood pressure. Many people would like to know the hypertension stages, not what it is.
If the blood pressure is slightly different from normal range, prehypertension is diagnosed.
If the blood pressure values greatly exceed the norm, Stage 1 or Stage 2 hypertension is diagnosed.
What is prehypertension?

If the blood pressure varies from 120/80 to 139/89 mmHg all the time, a prehypertension is diagnosed.
If man has no other disorders except for prehypertension, a compulsory drug treatment is not required. However, in order to reduce the risk of hypertension, the doctor can give some recommendations to help a patient to greatly reduce the cardiovascular risks.
What is hypertension stage 1?
When the blood pressure varies from 140/90 to 159/99 mmHg, hypertension stage 1 is diagnosed. Often, hypertension stage 1 is called moderate hypertension.
What is hypertension stage 2?
If a regular monitoring of the blood pressure shows indices equal or higher than 160/100 mmHg, hypertension stage 2 is diagnosed. The alternative name of hypertension stage 2 is severe hypertension.
Given the fact that moderate and severe hypertension may cause serious cardiovascular pathologies, it requires a timely treatment. The main goal of hypertension treatment is to maintain a normal blood pressure and to reduce the risk of both fatal and non-fatal:
Cardiovascular diseases
Cerebrovascular disorders
Chronic kidney disease
Before prescribing the drug and non-drug treatment courses, a doctor should explain his patient what hypertension is, as well as inform him about potential risks that occur if not to treat the disease.
The complex part in hypertension therapy is that in addition to hypotensive medications, people should change their lifestyle. First of all, patients with hypertension should:
Quit smoking
Cut down alcohol drinks
Try to lose weight
Increase physical activity
Cut down salt intake
Increase the consumption of vegetable food
Non-drug methods of decrease in the blood pressure may compliment the hypertension drug therapy, or prevent hypertension in patients with normal blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors.
The efficiency of drug and non-drug methods of hypertension treatment in men and women is identical. Special conditions for hypertension treatment are created if woman uses hormonal drugs (like oral contraceptives) or if she is pregnant.
Patients with the history of the following diseases require special attention:
Metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease, chronic heart failure, atherosclerosis, kidney disease and renal artery lesions, lung disease, or primary
When drug therapy of hypertension is carried out along with drug therapy of other diseases, the effect of hypotensive medications either increases or reduces.
Therefore, before including a hypotensive medication into the combined therapy, the doctor should estimate its potential interaction with other drugs.
If you want to learn more information on hypertension, hypertensive crisis, uncontrolled hypertension or other types of hypertension – ask your questions via email. The answers to frequently asked questions about hypertension will be published in upcoming reviews.
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Causes of high blood pressure

Hypertonic disease (hypertension) is a disease, characterized by high blood pressure in the human circulatory system. Hundreds of thousands of people in the world are more or less prone to this disease.
Arterial hypertension is one of the most common pathologies of the cardiovascular system, which often becomes the reason of hospitalization. According to some data, a periodical or constantly high blood pressure is observed in 15-25% of adult population.
Factors increasing the likelihood of hypertension
The cardiovascular system is closely connected to all tissues, systems and organs of the human body; hence, there can be thousands of different causes of high blood pressure. There is a range of factors, affecting the occurrence and progression of high blood pressure.
Over 50% of adult people are prone to various risk factors of hypertonic disease. About half of them have more than one factor, resulting in that the disease and dangerous consequences increase significantly.
The main causes of hypertension are:
Age over 35 years
Overweight or obesity
Alcohol or nicotine consumption
Stress and psychological stress
Unbalanced diet
Sedentary lifestyle
Symptoms and signs of high blood pressure may absent, but if you notice frequent headaches, noise in the ears or a strong heartbeat, then you need to seek medical help. Many people have no idea that they suffer from hypertension.
Causes and consequences of high blood pressure
Without proper treatment, abnormal blood pressure may damage various systems and organs of the body. The most sensitive parts of the body are heart muscle, blood vessels, brain, eyes and kidneys. Strokes and renal failure are common as well.
The higher the blood pressure, the harder the work of heart to maintain a normal circulation of blood. If hypertension is not cured in time, the walls of the heart may get thicker and hypertrophy eventually.
The high blood pressure can accelerate the formation of fat deposits on the walls of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). The disease progression can cause clogging or destruction of the blood vessels.
Severe stages of the disease may cause stroke, affecting the speech and memory. The high blood pressure worsens the blood supply to the retina, leading to partial or complete loss of vision.
The hypertension treatment
The hypertension treatment is mostly aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease and normalization of the blood pressure. The drug therapy of the disease may involve vasodilators, diuretics and sedative medications.
All medications must be adjusted individually and depend on the overall health of a patient. For people with hypertension, doctors prescribe special diets that are mostly directed to the decrease in consumption of salt and liquids.
The lifestyle change is one of the most important ways to control the blood pressure. If you are overweight, you should lose weight. Regardless of the high blood pressure causes, doctors recommend to keep a diet that is low in fat and simple carbs.
The prophylaxis of the high blood pressure must involve an increase in physical activity. In addition, doctors recommend daily walking and a get enough sleep. Make sure you eat more fruit, vegetables, and drink skimmed milk. Cut down caffeine and alcohol.
To prevent hypertonic disease, it is very important to diagnose it as early as possible. A systematic control over the blood pressure is one of the main methods allowing to reveal the disease occurrence.
People, having one or several risk factors, should constantly monitor their blood pressure rates. Blood pressure cuff (sphygmomanometer) helps to analyze the heart work by several parameters.
You can buy blood pressure cuff at a traditional or online pharmacy. Depending on your goals causes of the disease, you can choose one type of the blood pressure cuff. To use modern sphygmomanometer, you don’t need any special knowledge or skills.
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About diet pills – 3

In modern clinical practice diet pills are prescribed as an adjunct to weight loss. As a rule, diet pills are prescribed in combination with hypo-calorie diet and physical activity. Use of diet pills contributes to the efficient fat burning, body cleansing and increase in vitality.
Given that the use of diet pills helps not only to effectively burn fats but also to decrease blood pressure and to normalize blood sugar level, their use allows to prevent the development of hypertension and diabetes. Patients with obesity are most often prescribed three types of diet pills:
appetite suppressants;
fat burners;
gastrointestinal lipase inhibitors.
A person, taking diet pills that are able to suppress appetite, feels fullness even in minimum consumption of food. During the use of diet pills, suppressing appetite, an adequate eating behavior is formed in a person with overweight. As a result of reduced daily diet, the stomach is reduced and a person needs a small amount of food for saturation. So, even after the discontinuation of diet pills, suppressing appetite, a person continues to eat less than before the anti-obesity therapy.
Diet pills, burning fats stimulate metabolism in the body. Feature of such diet pills is that they burn fats only during intensive physical loads. Therefore, fat burners are most often used by physically active people, engaging in sports. It should be noted that body weight may re-increase after the discontinuation of diet pills, burning fats. Risk of weight gain will increase if a person reduces a motor activity or uses foods high in carbohydrates and fats after the end of using fat burners.
Some diet pills have the property not only to burn fats but also to suppress appetite. As a rule, such diet pills contain natural ingredients only. Therefore, their anorectic effect is mild to moderate. As any other diet pills, used to fight obesity, fat burners with anorectic effect should be taken in combination with diet therapy and physical exercises.
No less popular diet pills are gastrointestinal lipase inhibitors. This type of diet pills prevent the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, entering the body with food. Their efficiency is caused by the fact that about 30% of fats entering with food are excreted unchanged. The main feature of such diet pills is that they should be taken when a large amount of food high in fats is consumed. It is also important that diet pills, preventing fat absorption reduce the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, it is recommended to additionally take multivitamins, containing fat-soluble vitamins when using such diet pills.
Expediency of using any diet pills is that not only body weight is reduced but also soft tissues of the body are cleansed of toxins in their regular use. Taken into account that obesity contributes to lipid disorders, regular use of diet pills allows not only to reduce body weight but also to normalize lipid profile. Consequently, the use of diet pills helps to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases that are one of the major obesity complications of various severity.
Efficiency of diet pills will be increased if a person, suffering from obesity keeps to a low-calorie diet and increases physical activity. In physical loads, the body uses fat accumulations to produce energy. And due to the use of diet pills, proper nutrition will be formed which provides an effective weight control even after the end of anti-obesity therapy.
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